For this project, I drew 2 locations on campus that inspired different feelings- one that inspires motivation and activity, and another that inspires comfort and safety. I applied the concepts I learned in class about triangulation and angles. I chose to focus on Thompson Library as the subject that is motivating and full of activity. Thompson Library is the place on campus where students can focus and study. It represents a place full of activity and motivated students. Outside the library, people are going to and from the gym, running to classes, and there is an energy of determination. Everyone is motivated to do their best. The campus feels “alive” here and I believe it truly represents the students of this university who are upbeat, organized, motivated, and active. My goals for this piece were to display Thompson as clean, organized, and motivating, and therefore I chose to display the west side of the building. I chose to display Lazenby Hall as a place that inspires comfort and safety. Lazenby Hall is the view I have every day when I sit outside the Berry cafe working on homework or having lunch. I have become a “regular” at this cafe and the view of Lazenby has become comforting to me. The extremely detailed and textured architecture represents a mix of the old and new and puts me at peace. 

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