This presentation was created with 2 other designers. Our assignment was to define a problem, conduct secondary research, conduct interview research, do user research and eco mapping, create a customer journey map, create personas, define task analysis, define how might we statements, design storyboards, create a style tile, apply heuristics, conduct click tests, finalize wireframes, and create a basic HTML and CSS Markup and CodePen wireframe. My group decided to focus on the problem of finding off-campus student housing in the Columbus area.  This was an issue that all 3 of us had encountered and we felt that there was a need for an “all-in-one” app for new renters where they could schedule tours, form groups, schedule tours, and even sign leases. There are a lot of housing apps out now however they all require going to a secondary platform and typically there are a lot of issues when trying to meet with house/ apartment managers. For this project, we were introduced to and used Figma and CodePen. There were a lot of learning curves and data collected, so you can view the full design process below. 

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