Project Overview
Life with epilepsy isn’t easy. It's a constant battle identifying triggers, adjusting treatment plans, tracking medications, and dealing with mood swings. For individuals 16-26 years old, they are also dealing with many transitions, which brings new pain points of balancing parent anxiety with individual independence, accountability, and potential new triggers. Current digital approaches are outdated, boring, overcomplicated, and none focus on this transitional group. Epilepsy management should be empowering, engaging, united, personal, and uncomplicated.  

Noggin is a digital application that encourages individuals to take control of their epilepsy and take back their independence through fun and personalized medication reminders, daily mental health modules, and other resources. Noggin provides a quick way to log seizures and makes communication easy by linking contacts and connecting to MyChart. Noggin provides easy epilepsy management tools that allow individuals to get back to their best self and give peace of mind to friends and family.  
Tools Involved
Figma, FigJam, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Miro
I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 18 years old during my freshman year of college after having a tonic-clonic (previously called grand-mal) seizure. I understand firsthand how epilepsy can turn one’s life around as well as their family’s. There are many different pain points that arise with the diagnosis, a lot of independence is lost, and it is trial and error with medications. It has been a rollercoaster for sure. Luckily, I have been 3 years seizure free due to my amazing neurologist and my incredible support group. 
Throughout my journey, I have realized that currently there is a need for epilepsy management resources. I set out to create a digital resource ecosystem that encourages individuals in the transitional age group to take control of their epilepsy and take back their independence through fun and personalized medication reminders, daily mental health activity modules, and other resources. 
Branding & Illustration
Since individuals need to open this app every day, the fonts and colors need to be accessible and engaging. Most medical apps are currently boring, so Noggin needed to be more friendly and almost childlike.  
In a way to make the app more engaging and personable, I designed a character named Noggin that would help guide users throughout the app. 
Things to consider: 
3% of individuals with epilepsy are photosensitive. This means that their seizures can be triggered by visual patterns, flashing lights, neon lighting, and video games with quick animations. This means no gradients, repeating patterns, extremely high contrast, or quick transitions and animations. 
Widgets & Notifications
These widgets allow you to track your health metrics right from your home screen. You can also set up a Noggin widget to give you encouraging messages when you hit important milestones. 
Noggin will send you reminders to complete your daily module and can notify family, friends, or doctors in an instant. Noggin is also available on your Apple Watch for quick and easy alerts. 
Medical Apple Watch Bands
These medical bracelets are designed to provide first-response personnel with important information regarding your health when you are unable to communicate the details of your epilepsy. 
Explanation Video

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