For this project, I created 2 digital drawings of the Ohio State Stadium that evoked opposite energies as a result of different compositional structures. I chose the Ohio State Stadium because as a freshman during the pandemic, I have not yet been able to experience a game in person. However, the stadium is right next to my dorm, and every day when I walk past it, it brightens my day. It welcomes me to the OSU community and gives off a sense of wonder and awe, as I am waiting like a child for the day when I can enter inside the gates and cheer on the Buckeyes. My goals were then to create one piece focused on an inviting, carefree, easy-going, simple, childlike excitement in the unknown, and wonder and awe. I also wanted to create another piece that displayed the opposite- powerful and overwhelming, making the viewer feel weak. The final outcomes were a head-on full shot view of the stadium entrance that used thick black lines, simple hatching, and simplified less detailed forms. To create an inviting feeling, I shortened the height of the stadium entrance and created leading lines with the path of trees. For the second piece, I displayed the stadium from a worm’s view. I used lots of cross-hatching and added more complex detail in addition to a slanted, canted angle to give the feeling of uneasiness.

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