This animation was created in my Design Media I class at the Ohio State University with Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere Pro. My partner and I  had to consult with Ohio History Central to create an animation on the topic of “Environmental Issues Ohioans Face” that is to be implemented into their online learning resources for teachers and 4th-12th grade students in 2022. This animation was designed to serve as an introductory video for 4th-grade students to get them familiar with the topic of climate change.  The goal was not to overwhelm them with factual information but rather to empower them and get them excited to learn more about the topic. Throughout this project’s lifecycle, I had to synthesize complex data from government research articles and reduce it down to a 4th-grade comprehension level to fit the target audience, provide prototypes and receive feedback continually from a board of educators at Ohio History Central, and develop new skills in AfterEffects to implement changes to the final product.

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